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Concierge Nursing
 Mobile IV Services
Gene Testing

Proactive Booking is Encouraged

Serving Lubbock Texas and Surrounding Areas

Good Faith Exam (GFE) required via telemedicine prior to receiving services.

Be Proactive

Take control of your health with IV Nurse Mindy. I offer concierge nursing, mobile IV therapy, and genetic testing. I left the dead-end healthcare system to help others become experts of their own body and health. My approach is to get to the bottom of what's wrong with the body or what it may lack and then provide the tools to overcome it.  You can take proactive steps towards optimal health and well-being with a little help.  Discover the benefits of being proactive and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you today.


Amazing service! I was feeling terrible when she came to give me the goods. By the next day I was back to work and felt great!

~Marty Long

About Nurse Mindy

Hey There! I was born in Littlefield and raised in Lubbock. I graduated from Covenant School of Nursing in 2003. For the last 20 years I dedicated my time to our healthcare industry in Home Health, Behavioral Health and Women's Health. I've noticed our healthcare industry has changed greatly in the past few years. My goal is to get back to basics of care to prevent and diminish chronic illnesses. I hope to change our outlook on common over prescribed medications and turn your body back into a lean fighting machine! 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Nurse Mindy's Booking Options

Book an appointment with us today so you can take care of your body and feel sensational!

You can make an appointment with Nurse Mindy by clicking the Book Now button below. You’ll get to choose the service you want, and we’ll send a confirmation email from Hydreight Wellness.

Hours  are 7 to 4 Monday thru Friday. Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.

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