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Relax and Rejuvenate with Nurse Mindy, Your At-Home Wellness Solution!

Proactive Infusions & Wellness Injections

IV vitamin therapy is a great way to get the nutrients and vitamins you need, as it bypasses digestion and is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Compared to oral vitamins, IV vitamin therapy is more efficient and provides more immediate results. It is also a great way to quickly rehydrate and replenish lost nutrients. Mobile IV hydration and wellness injections provide a convenient way to get the nutrients and vitamins you need, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Be Proactive, not Reactive

Our services provide you with the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and energized. By regularly supplementing your diet with our professional mobile IV hydration and wellness injections, you can keep your body functioning optimally and reduce the risk of health issues associated with poor diet, dehydration, and lack of essential nutrients. Our experienced professionals will come to you to deliver the best care in the comfort of your own home. Take control of your health today and be proactive with Mobile IV Hydration and Wellness Injections.

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Amazing service! I was feeling terrible when she came to give me the goods. By the next day I was back to work and felt great!

~Marty Long

About Nurse Mindy

Introducing Nurse Mindy, a compassionate and experienced registered nurse hailing from the vibrant city of Lubbock, TX. With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years in healthcare, she has witnessed the inner workings of the system firsthand. Her own personal battle with endometriosis has instilled in her a deep-seated skepticism towards the traditional healthcare system, driving her to seek alternative solutions for wellness. Recognizing the significance of going back to basics, Nurse Mindy embarked on a mission to promote health by offering mobile hydration and vitamin therapy. In December of 2022, she founded Nurse Mindy, an initiative aimed at educating individuals on the vital importance of a well-balanced diet, proper nutrition, and the crucial role played by essential vitamins and minerals—elements that are often lacking in our modern food sources. With a fervent desire to reduce dependence on prescription medications and empower individuals to take control of their well-being, Nurse Mindy is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare and empowering people to reclaim their health through natural means.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Nurse Mindy's Booking Options

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You can make an appointment with Nurse Mindy by clicking the Book Now button below. You’ll get to choose the service you want, and we’ll send a confirmation email.

Hours  are 7 to 4 Monday thru Friday. Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.

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